Internship/ Volunteer

Become an intern or a volunteer at sanctuary De Zonnegloed

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed offers different possibilities for interns and volunteers. Below you can find the different options. Our non-profit organisation can’t survive without the help of people who are willing to generously give their time. We welcome you with open arms!

Volunteering is essential at sanctuary De Zonnegloed. We offer different internships as part of courses like animal care, administration, tourism, wood work, construction or education. At sanctuary De Zonnegloed the dedication of all the volunteers and interns is very important. They’re as part of De Zonnegloed as our staff members!

Most volunteers work in animal care, but their input within the technical service, fundraising, self-service and reception, education and administration is indispensable. Some volunteers work project-based and within their specialty.

If you want to contribute to the work of sanctuary De Zonnegloed, look below and make your choice.