Working with and learning about animals at an animal shelter and sanctuary. Different possibilities are available! Take on an internship as part of your degree animal care, education, construction or gardening.

A lot of people dream about a job working with animals; feeding the animals and assisting the vet, it sounds like the most perfect job. But working with animals is so much more than this. Cleaning out the enclosures is more or less 75% of the work of an animals caretaker. Animals don’t have a toilet they can flush after doing their business. Another very important bit is knowledge. Every animal has their own specific needs and care. You need to have commitment and be available, because an animal needs care every single day.

Not only with the animals

An animal shelter doesn’t need just animal caretakers. The grounds and the enclosures need to be maintained. Visitors who visit the park often like something to eat or drink during their stay and besides looking at the animals they would like to participate in activities. At Sanctuary De Zonnegloed there are different areas these tasks are part of, like ‘Development & Maintenance’ (Our Technical service is part of this area.) and ‘Visitors and Service’ (Which contains all educational and entertainment activities and the Self-service area.).


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