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Banded mongoose Mungos mungo

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of birth
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Frummel was kept as a pet for 3 years together with other zebra mongooses by a woman in the Netherlands. When all other animals died, the woman contacted Stichting AAP. Through them Frummel found his way to De Zonnegloed and can now enjoy a life together with conspecifics again.

Where does it feel at home?

The banded mongoose is found on the African savannahs, lightly wooded areas and grasslands. If you find many termite mounds somewhere, you'll probably find the banded mongoose there too.

What does it like to eat?

Its diet consists of insects (termites, beetle larvae, centipedes, etc.), mice, eggs, crabs, lizards and other smaller animals. Impressive is that they can even kill and devour poisonous snakes.

Fun facts

  • Every youngster has its own bodyguard, this is not always its own mother.
  • When a banded mongoose can't break open an egg with its teeth, it throws it on the ground.
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