Information about our zoo

More than 100 species.

You will see more than 100 species of animals in a natural environment, e.g. cute farm animals and at least 90 other kinds of animals like playful meerkats, birds of prey, reptiles, monkeys, camels, lynxes, zebras, wild bears and quite a lot more great and interesting animals.

You really will stand face to face with animals from all over the world. A lot of exciting adventures are awaiting you! 

“De Zonnegloed” is not just an animal park.  Its residents consist mainly of wild animals that cannot be returned to nature. They come from several different European animal rescue centres. We offer them a warm and cosy home for the rest of their lives.

A sanctuary is a place where animals are given a second chance.  This means they are offered a safe and cosy home and this is exactly what “De Zonnegloed” is doing. The accomplishments of “De Zonnegloed” are quite unique in Europe. If you come and visit our park you will not only spend a wonderful and educational day here, by visiting us you will also support “De Zonnegloed” in its efforts to rescue animals.


♦ Enjoy playing.

“De Zonnegloed” has a lot more to offer than just observing cute animals. Children can really enjoy themselves in the playgrounds. There are many things to do and to discover and all activities have something to do with the animals in our park. Children can spend their energy by strolling around the park, they can use their imagination, they can laugh and enjoy themselves and above all they can discover quite a lot of things.

♦ Relaxing and enjoying.

“De Zonnegloed” is situated in a magnificent piece of nature. The animal shelter is surrounded by greenery. There are benches and picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy.

♦ Fun and educational.

Observing the animals is fantastic, but learning about them is even more fun. Everywhere in the park you can find interesting information about its residents. During the feeding sessions our zoo keepers will give you information about the animals, their care, their fellow species and the “real” life in the wild.
There’s a lot to do for the children.

For the little ones we also have the mini farm, lots of activities in the park and great things to discover.

♦ Pets are not allowed

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in “De Zonnegloed”. We make an exception for specially trained dogs that accompany disabled persons, like guide dogs for blind people. Please get in touch with the reception of  “De Zonnegloed” on the number 057/40 18 56 prior to your visit.
Many pets may transmit diseases to the animals in our park or vice versa. Pets may also make our animals nervous and/or attack them..
Guide dogs for blind people will only be admitted if they have been vaccinated. The mini farm and the aviary for eagle owls cannot be visited. The dogs are to be kept on a tight leash at all time. People accompanying guide dogs may be asked to show their ID.


Animal park / zoo "De Zonnegloed" is a lot more than just a farm for the kids !