Sanctuary - Animal refuge centre 

De zonnegloed non-profit organisation.
Sanctuary: wildlife rescue and education farm. 

 Animals that cannot be returned to the wild have a lifelong home

 A safe place to grow up, to recover, to get well

 Education and raising awareness: the key to the future of our nature and our our society

A warm and cosy home for animals and humans 

The future looks bright for those animals that cannot be returned to their natural habitat, since foundation/non-profit organisation De Zonnegloed offers these exotic and native animals a lifelong stay in the sanctuary.



 Animals that cannot be returned to the wild have a lifelong home 

Animal Shelter 

Many exotic and even native animals live in unworthy conditions. Humans and their actions are very often the cause: we trade animals illegally, we are private owners of illegally traded animals, we exploit animals at  theme parks or at research centres. In our sanctuary we wish to offer these neglected and abused animals a permanent stay and we are also working hard on improving their living conditions. Here they get the professional care they need!


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A safe place to grow up, to recover, to get well 

Rehabilitation and care 

The animals that come to the foundation/non-profit organisation De Zonnegloed have often been neglected in every possible way. Here they receive the care they need and can be ‘animal’ again. The care is to be divided into three categories: veterinary care, nutrition and behaviour.

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Animal park – Sanctuary De Zonnegloed offers a permanent home to the animals. This means that the temporary rescue centres or wildlife centres have extra space to give shelter to new animals.

As a result of this way of working animal park – sanctuary De Zonnegloed can achieve its main goal: helping as many animals as possible to give them a better future!

Education and raising awareness are the key to the future of our nature and our society …


Education and raising awareness: the key to the future of our nature and our society

Prevention, education and raising awareness 

We defend a society in which animal welfare is not to be compromised. Thanks to our experience and cooperation with temporary rescue centres such as Stichting AAP, Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabeek, several bird rescue centres and wildlife rescue centres throughout the country we know all about the problems of keeping exotic or non-domestic animals as pets.

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Our principles 

Non-domestic or exotic animals are sentient beings that should not have any economic value. Every animal should be treated as a conscious and sentient living being. So it should be possible for animals to behave as natural as possible in a surrounding as close as possible to their natural surroundings.

Unfortunately according to European law animals are being regarded as goods. This means that exotic or non-domestic animals can be traded and that they can be used or kept in every possible way. Apart from general animal protection legislation there are fortunately also regulations that relate to the protection of these animal species.

The existing legislation and regulations have many shortcomings and have quite a number of  loopholes. That is why major economic interests related to the trade in exotic animals are being protected and upheld. The intrinsic value of the animals  is mostly not acknowledged