Open air classes   animal adventures

Enjoy a real ranger camp with lots of adventures in the Belgian countryside for the defenders of wildlife.
The children meet animals from all around the world, more than 450 animals and more than 100 species. They get to know and understand the animals better in their natural habitat: playful meerkats, camels, bears, lynxes, racoons, …

Planned activities at the children’s level:

- help feeding all animals
- help preparing the food for the animals in our kitchen
- follow the hiking trail right through our animal park and discover many things
- help taking care of our animals
- help cleaning the stables
- help preparing foraging activities for our animals
- enjoy a tractor ride through the countryside 
- enjoy a hike through the Belgian countryside

> primary education
Price per child per day €36
> secondary education 
Price per child per day €40


Attention: 1 teacher/supervisor free per 10 children. 2 teachers/supervisors free per 20 children + 1 parent free.
For example: You want to visit our open air classes with a group of 20 children. This means that 2 teachers/supervisors + 1 parent do not have to pay.
Included in the price are: the accommodation, the meals and all guided activities. There is one activity planned on the day of arrival and one on the day of departure. On the other day(s) there are 2 activities per day. Energy expenses are not included.