of 20 people or more

Children under 3 years



Children (3-11 years)

€ 13

€ 11


€ 17

€ 15


€ 15

€ 13

Schools (reservation required)


from €9.5

Tickets can be purchased at the desk when visiting Sanctuary De Zonnegloed. Paying by card is recommended.

Note: Discounts cannot be combined with other (group) discounts or promotions.



What happens with the proceeds of Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw?

All income is used for the care of the animals. These proceeds make it possible to shelter new neglected or confiscated wild animals which cannot return to nature for the rest of their lives. You help our work as a sanctuary. We provide the appropriate care: healthy nutrition, customized accommodation, medical care and lots of attention. Because of your visit, we can rescue animals.

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw is a foundation and doesn’t receive any subsidies for the work they do. De Zonnegloed is completely dependent of visitors, donations, adoptions, …