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Djungarian hamster Phodopus sungorus

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Date of birth
Date of arrival

The owners of Twan wanted hamsters as pets. They bought a couple, the parents of Twan, without asking enough information about the care and habits of the animals. Before they knew it, they got one litter after another. The care for the extra animals became too much for them and they brought Twan and his three brothers and two sisters to an animal shelter. Later another brother and sister followed. Twan found a permanent home in De Zonnegloed and we hope that his story will reduce the number of animals that are bought on a whim.




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7 cm
500 gram
2 jaar
16-17 dagen
Niet bedreigd

Where does he prefer to live?

The Djungarian hamster originates from Northern Kazakhstan.

What does he prefer to eat?

They are omnivores and will eat meat as well. It's best to feed these animals special hamster food, but they might also enjoy a bit of dog or cat food, a piece of egg, a bit of yoghurt or mealworm.


Hamsters (Djungarian hamsters, golden hamsters, ...) are very often kept as pets. But did you know that they are actually nocturnal? When they are kept as pets in people's homes, they are often awakened from their sleep during the day, this means their natural rhythm is disturbed.

Imagine how you would feel to be woken up every night and 'forced' to play? No wonder, then, that many hamsters can react aggressively or even bite!

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