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Senegal mabuya Trachylepis affinis

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of arrival

Marley was found on a cargo ship from Gabon as a stowaway. How he ended up on the ship is unknown. Upon arrival in port he was seized and brought to the NHC of Opglabbeek. All efforts to return the animal to Gabon didn't succeed and since it is not a native animal, he could not be released into the wild. The only solution for him was to be housed in a sanctuary.

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Senegalese mabuya

Where does he feel most at home?

The Senegalese mabuya lives in both the rainforest and the transitional zones between the forests and savannahs of Senegal, Africa.

What's his favourite food?

He loves to eat mealworms

Fun fact:

The generic name Trachylepis literally means "rough scaled", which refers to the fact that most species, although superficially smooth, have three or more scales that are slightly longitudinal to the other scales on their backs.

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