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Pot-bellied pig Sus scrofa vittatus

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Date of birth
Date of arrival

Beele was taken care of here in 2013. Those pigs are often bought as pets or as a gift, but these little, cute pigs are growing up! They can weigh as much as 80 kg. Then the problems begin and the owner sees it no longer possible to care for the animal. Beele was a wedding gift. She was more than happy to wander around the beautiful and newly laid out garden of her owners. After the birth of their first child, Beele could no longer be trusted with the baby and she had to leave.

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50 - 60 cm
Fruit, groeten en korrels
65 kg
20 jaar/ans/years
3,5 maand/mois/month
Minste zorg
Vietnam en China

Where does he feel most at home?

It is a pig breed that is common in Vietnam and China. Nowadays it’s kept everywhere as a pet. With all its consequences…

What's his favourite food?

He eats everything. Cereals, grasses, vegetables, fruit, seeds, …

Fun fact

The pot-bellied pig got its name from its own posture. They have a back that’s usually lightly sagged and their belly often touches the ground.

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