Win four free entrance tickets to De Zonnegloed!

Would you like to come again to De Zonnegloed? Participate in our photo competition and take the chance to win four free entrance tickets!


How does it work?

During your visit you can take pictures or make movies in our sanctuary, which can be about the animals, but also of yourself, your children, your family or partner, ... whether or not with an animal. After your visit, you send them to the following e-mail address:


Only entries via the correct email address have a chance to win, NOT via a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We do judge on quality, but above all we are looking for FUN photos or movies. Snapshots of nice (special) moments within our park. In the summer period the submitted photo's and movies are reviewed monthly and a winning photo or movie clip is chosen. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page every next month. At the moment, the contest continues throughout the year, but only during the summer period (from May to October) we choose a monthly winner. In the winter period (November to April) the number of winners depends on the number of entries!


(Photos by Cedric Boeraeve - Winner June 2019)


Would you like to participate? Be sure to read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

  • You may send a maximum of 15 photos or videos per month to our e-mail address
  • The photos and videos must have been taken during a recent visit.
  • The photos MUST have a MINIMUM SIZE of 2 Megabyte per photo.
  • The maximum size of each email is 10 Megabyte. (If this doesn't work, feel free to send your photos in multiple emails, via a transfer program (e.g., a dropbox permission or as a zip-file).
  • The photos or videos you send can only be entered once. (Forwarding the same photos every month does not work!) All entries will be carefully tracked.
  • By sending us the photos or videos, you give vzw De Zonnegloed permission to use this material (maybe even without mentioning your name) for publications on Facebook, websites, other media and printed materials, even if there are people in the photos and even if you did not win. (If we use your photo or video for publication, you may of course refer to our publication afterwards and mention that you were the creator of the material).

Good luck!




(Photos by Jeroen Desloover - Winner August 2018)