Animals that can't go back to nature receive a new home where they can stay for the rest of their lives.


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A lot of animals live in dire situations. Many exotic and native animals don't lead a dignified life and often human dealings stand at the source. Illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation by entertainment businesses or research. Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw gives these animals a new life. It's a Sanctuary: a safe heaven, a home.



A safe place to grow, heal and recover.

Rehabilitation and care

The animals at our sanctuary De Zonnegloed often come in in a neglected state; deprived of a social group and untended. At sanctuary De Zonnegloed they receive the professional care they need to become and act like a healthy animal again. This care can be divided in three categories: veterinary care, nutrition and behaviour.

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Education and raising awareness, the key for our nature's and society's future...



Prevention, education and raising awareness

We're advocates of a society where the welfare of animals won't be compromised. Because of our experience and cooperation with short term animal shelters like Stichting AAP, Natuurhulpcentrum (Nature Help Centre) at Opglabeek, several bird and wild animal rescue centres across our country, we have a good insight of the possible problems with housing exotic, non-domesticated animals.

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Our principles                                                                                      

Non-domesticated, exotic animals are sentient and independent creatures which should not serve economic purposes. In our opinion every animal should be treated as such; as a living creature with feelings and consciousness.  

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