What are the similarities between a zoo and a sanctuary?

Zoos as well as sanctuaries keep animals in confinement. They show the animals to the public and give out information about the animals. The money received from proceeds or donations is used to finance it’s working.

So, what is the difference?

The main difference between a zoo and a sanctuary is where the animals come from. A sanctuary doesn’t breed, doesn’t buy or sell, doesn’t exchange and for sure doesn’t trade with the animals! A sanctuary accommodates only those animals which can’t go back to their own natural habitat or wouldn’t survive being placed there.
Often the animals are wild animals with physical or psychological  injuries, confiscated exotic pet animals, animals handed over or left by owners who couldn’t care or house the animals anymore (without danger), or animals confiscated or taken in after closing down of zoos, circuses, breeders or laboratories.
The sanctuaries safe those animals which cannot live in the wilderness and only survive when kept in confinement. They do there upmost best to provide a warm nest for each animal for the remainder of their lives.
Sanctuaries never use animals for entertainment of for shows just for the enjoyment of their visitors. Animal shelters and sanctuaries safe animals.

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