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Oriental garden lizard Calotes versicolor

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of birth
Date taken in

Selena was found on a cargo ship from India as a stowaway. How she ended up on the ship is unknown. Upon arrival in port she was seized and brought to the NHC of Opglabbeek. All efforts to return the animal to India didn't succeed and since it's not a native animal, she could not be released into the wild. The only solution for her was to be housed in a sanctuary.

Where does he feel at his best?

The Oriental garden lizard likes to live in open areas under, for example, brushwood.

What does he like to eat?

Insects such as grasshoppers, beetles and butterflies

Fun fact

The somewhat peculiar name is due to the males, who get a bright red head during mating season, as if they had just drunk blood.

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