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De Zonnegloed isn't just a zoo

De Zonnegloed is a permanent animal shelter for exotic and native wildlife. After a lifetime of suffering, these animals receive the necessary care to recover and lead a healthy and happy life.


Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw  is home for roughly 350 animals, all with their own character and personality. Because we’re an active rescue centre which focusses on animals which haven’t had the happiest of lives, the animals are our priority. Those are native and exotic animals in need, animals that can’t go back to nature. We offer them a warm home for the rest of their lives.

A place where animals receive new opportunities are called sanctuaries. This means a safe nest, a warm home. Hence the name De Zonnegloed (A Glow of Sunshine). In Europe sanctuary De Zonnegloed is unique. On your visit, you’ll not only have an amazing and educational day, but you’ll support the work of De Zonnegloed, rescuing neglected wild animals.