Wild animal sanctuary

De Zonnegloed is a sanctuary. A sanctu-what? A sanctuary. That's a place where homeless wild animals can find a home. 400 of them have already found a home here.


A park like no other

De Zonnegloed is not a zoo. Does this mean that our animals aren't native and exotic wild animals? Certainly they are! But what sets apart our animals is that they somehow ended up without a home:

  • Some were confiscated because they were mistreated.
  • Others were illegally sold or kept as pets.
  • Some were found in the wild, with little chance of survival.
  • For others, the zoo were they lived didn't want them anymore.
  • Still others were no longer wanted as pets.

With us, these animals find a safe nest, a warm home. This is how the sanctuary got its name "De Zonnegloed" (The Glow of the Sun).
With us, they receive the best care. And that for the rest of their lives.

Why? Simply because they deserve it. Right?


The only one in Belgium

De Zonnegloed is the only sanctuary in Belgium. In other words: unique. By supporting us, you therefore support a lot of animals that would otherwise have nowhere to go.

Animal Sanctuary - A facility that rescues and provides shelter and care for animals that have been abused, injured, abandoned or are otherwise in need, where the welfare of each individual animal is the primary consideration in all sanctuary actions. In addition, the facility should enforce a non-breeding policy and should replace animals only by way of rescue, confiscation or donation.
- EU Zoos Directive -