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Badger Meles meles

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Date of birth
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Maud, together with the other badgers, comes from an animal park where she had to make way for animals participating in international breeding programs. These were breeding programs for the maintenance of animals threatened with extinction.

Where does he feel most at home?

The European badger likes hilly landscapes consisting deciduous forests and grass fields. In England you might even find them in large gardens. In the mountains they occur up to the tree line.

What's his favourite food?

Badgers mainly eat earthworms, insects, larvae and plants, such as fruit, tubers, grains, clover and grasses. Their diet includes snails, amphibians and small mammals, birds and eggs, even hedgehogs. They eat more like a carnivorous in spring and more like a herbivorous in autumn.

Fun fact

It almost looks like they build a small town to live in. The main sett is the place where the young ones are born. It has multiple entrances and chambers. Close by are several outlier setts, they have fewer entrances and aren’t used permanently. These outlier setts might be used when nearby food sources are in season or in autumn when the main sett is crowded with the year’s young.

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