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Northern white-faced owl Ptilopsis leucotis

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of birth
Date taken in

Zappa was seized by Animal Welfare from a private owner. Via Natuurhulpcentrum he found a new home in De Zonnegloed. Seizures are only made in cases of serious animal abuse (aviary without flight space, neglect, illegal keeping of an animal, no official papers, ...).

Where does it feel at home?

The Northern white-faced owl lives in the semi-open woodlands of Central Africa.

What do they like to eat?

They like to eat insects, small birds, rodents and other small mammals.

Fun fact:

When another owl of the same size poses a threat, they can make their stature appear larger so that they are more imposing. If the other owl is much bigger than them, they will make themselves very narrow, hoping to blend into their surroundings.

The Northern white-faced owl can hunt larger prey than most other owls.

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