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Galah Eolophus roseicapilla

Animals in our sanctuary

Date taken in

Rikkie comes from private owners who for personal reasons could no longer take care of the bird. In addition, a guide dog for the blind was taken in as well, which meant that there was less time to give Rikkie sufficient attention. The owners themselves took the initiative to find a suitable new home for Rikkie.

Where does it feel at home?

In open areas such as fields, meadows, sports fields and city parks. As long as there are trees for shelter, it is an excellent habitat for these animals.

What does it like to eat?

Seeds, grains, fruit, nuts, berries and insects.

Fun fact:

They often behave in a 'crazy' way: they hang upside down, hold on with only one leg, tumble and fight with each other on the ground for fun or make a lot of noise. In Australia, the word 'galah' is therefore used for a madman/idiot/fool. Yet these birds are very intelligent.


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