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Plains zebra Equus quagga

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Roy comes from a zoo in The Netherlands. This zoo participates in an international breeding programme to conserve the plains zebra, a species threatened with extinction.

Because of the breeding programmes, animals sometimes have to be removed from the zoo, either because they disrupt the breeding or because there is not enough space to keep the species. The fate of these animals is often uncertain: will they find a refuge where they are wanted or will they be euthanised as a 'problem'?

Luckily Roy found a new home at De Zonnegloed.

Where does he feel most at home?

The plains zebra likes to live on the savannas and grasslands of East and South Africa.

What's his favourite food?

They like to eat grasses, plants and roots.

Fun fact

The stripes of the plains zebra offer a good camouflage during the night and at dusk. By standing close together, predators will only see a grey mass from which they can hardly recognize one individual.

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