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Indian rock python Python molurus

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of birth
Date taken in

When Pinta was one year old, the owner gave her to a friend to look after her. This soon became permanent and the friend became the new owner. As the snake grew bigger, the new owner build a custom-made terrarium. Sadly when the family decided to move after a few years, Pinta could not go with them despite the good care of the owner.

Where does he feel most at home?

The Indian rock python lives in the forests, river valleys, marshlands, grasslands and woodlands of Malaysia and from West Indonesia to South China.

What’s his favourite food?

They like to eat rodents, monkeys, wild boar and birds, which they kill by strangulation.

Fun fact

It is the third largest python species.

They can stay under water for up to 30 minutes.

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