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Kestrel Falco tinnunculus

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34 - 39 cm
Wormen, insecten, hagedissen, muizen, ratten en vogels
0.1 - 0.3 kg
15 jaar/ans/years
Minste zorg
Europa, Azië en Afrika

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Date of birth
Date of arrival

Neglec is one of the many birds of prey that are kept by private individuals in a much too small aviary or even tied up. Due to circumstances they are ceded or abandoned. Neglec was brought into a reception center and can now enjoy a new life in De Zonnegloed.

Where does he feel most at home?

The kestrel lives in the half-open landscapes of Europe and Asia. Kestrels are partly resident birds and partly migratory birds. A small part of the population, mainly young birds, roams in the fall. Some birds even end up in the south of Africa.

What's his favourite food?

They like to eat worms, insects, lizards, small rodents and birds.

Fun fact

The kestrel can hang silent in the air for a few minutes, searching for preys such as mice and large insects. That is called ‘praying’. When he sees his chance, he’ll throw himself on its prey.

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