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Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula Lasiodora parahybana

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Date of birth
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Peaches was found during an eviction in Poperinge (B). Between all the rubbish a small terrarium was found in which this large black tarantula was housed. The police contacted our sanctuary to offer him a suitable new home. Now he can enjoy a spacious stay, with plenty of hiding places and the right care.

Where does it feel at home?

This tarantula can be found in the tropical rainforest of Brazil.

It likes a temperature between 23 and 25 °C and 65% humidity.

What does it like to eat?

This spider is an omnivore and will eat anything it can get its hands on. This ranges from small beetles, small rodents and mammals to even poisonous snakes.

First the tarantula catches its prey, then it keeps it under control by injecting venom. The spider spits digestive fluids over the prey, causing it to already be half digested before sucking it up.

When the spider catches the prey but is not hungry yet, it packs it up for later.

Fun fact

  • Worldwide there are only three bird spiders that can grow larger.
  • These spiders do not make a web to catch their prey but overpower them.
  • The female spider can lay 500 to 2000 eggs at a time.
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