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Cougar Puma concolor

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Cougar Yukon comes from a zoo in Lithuania that took very poor care of the cougar. The animal was given too much, and above all the wrong food, as a result of which it is seriously overweight and suffers from liver and kidney problems. His enclosure did not meet current legislation either. Yukon had nowhere to lie protected from the rain or bright sunshine. He was therefore confiscated by the regional authorities. At the moment he is still staying in the Nature Center and is being closely monitored there. We hope to offer him a new, animal worthy home here in the fall.

Where does it feel at its best?

The puma prefers a habitat with dense shrubbery and rocky areas.

What does it like to eat?

Its diet consists mainly of hoofed animals.

Fun fact

  • From standstill a puma can jump 2.5m high and 6m far. (Measurements of 5m high and 12m far were observed)
  • The puma is the fourth largest cat species in the world.
  • A puma can't roar like a lion, jaguar,...
  • A puma can swim, but only when it is threatened.
  • Pumas from colder regions are larger than their counterparts in the tropics.
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