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Zebu Bos indicus

Animals in our sanctuary

Date of birth
Date taken in

The animals from the time when De Zonnegloed was a children's education farm will of course continue to live in De Zonnegloed. Kawan is one of the animals that was already present from the beginning, before we became a sanctuary.

Date taken in

Beasty was handed over by his former owner. The woman took good care of the animal, but noticed that Beasty was unhappy because it was kept alone. With pain in her heart she brought the animal to De Zonnegloed because she considered Beasty's welfare more important than her own love for the animal.

Where does he feel most at home?

The Zebu likes to live in the tropical and subtropical climates of South Asia and Africa.

What's his favourite food?

They like to eat twigs, grasses and leaves.

Fun fact

Zebus have more sweat glands than European cattle. This makes them more resistant to humid climates and tropical diseases.

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